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Information of the route

This cultural window to the past will be open to all visitors who wish to venture into the adventure of the story
in first person.

To do this, visits may be made both individually and in groups (minimum of 6 people up to 30) and also
organize field trips for students of all levels. Once in the complex, you will need to pass first through
the reception building to record the visit.



Salt jump.


The best way to take profit of the walk through
the Salí is to have the assistance of one of
our guides. The scheduling of tours offers
the same 
at 11 am and 16 pm.
Scheduled excursions have their own schedule
previously arranged with the organization of the Salí.

The guided tour lasts approximately
1,5 hours, in which you will visit the entire
complex to get to know and admire its
historical use, now fully restored.

Once on site, will be available to visitors
some instructional material at different
levels to strengthen local knowledge and
develop the teaching provided by the guide
and information points distributed throughout
the complex.

In the center you can find lockers
for clothing and other personal
belongings during the tour, plus
public toilets.

The route

Overhead shot of the Salí de Cambrils.


Several mills of the tour.


The viewpoint of the Salí de Cambrils.

First you will arrive at the peeler mill,
which milled cereal grain grown in the
vicinity and for human consumption.
Later we find the feed mill, whose
function was to grind what it would be
the livestock feed stabled nearby.

Finally, we have the opportunity to
learn about running a flour

Broadly, these mechanisms are
based on harnessing the power of
water from a river raft or to move a series
of ingenious mechanisms permitting to grind
grain placed between two large stones.

In this section of the exhibition we can also
visit the warehouse, in which the salt mill
is located. This same waterfall was formerly
exploited to also generate electricity
throughout the building by a generator.

At the turn of this section, we will go
the other way to the viewpoint, dominating from
the highest point of the entire landscape of the
, offering the visitor privileged

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